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Business IT Support & Management

Computer Repair

If your PC is running poorly, we can fix it. If your PC won't turn on, we can fix it. No matter the need, just tell us what is going on and we will advise you on the most cost effective solution to your problem.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Not only do we take care of these infections, but we will advise you on how to keep your PC free from these issues. Infections are the reason 50% of our new customers come to us. Why? Because not all security software is created equal. We will inform you on what you can do to make this an issue of the past.

Remote Logon Support

Utilizing remote logon software, we can connect to you anytime you need us, as long as you have internet connectivity. This enables us to serve you with a faster response time. Request the service for problems as well as general "how-to's". You will be advised if this service is applicable to your needs.

Data Backup & Retrieval

Before you lose precious data let us help you setup and maintain a data backup setup that fits your needs. One of the most nerve wracking things we do is pass on the message that a customers data has been lost. Let us help you with this need before it is too late.

Network Services

Need new internet service or help installing new network equipment? Are you adding PC's onto your network or new wireless equipment? No matter how you are extending the technology at your business we can help.

In-Shop Repair

Occasionally the solution requires that the equipment be at our shop for repair. This often saves time and money as you are only charged for the time we are working directly on the equipment and not while we are waiting for processes to complete.

Drop-Off Service

With an appointment, we are available for you to drop off your equipment if onsite service is not desired or needed.

Pick-Up & Delivery

We can pick up and deliver equipment back to your business when an in shop repair is required.

IT Support & Management

Call 928-639-4202 for free consultation

Need IT Support for your business, but cannot afford tech staff?

We understand! Technology is required in the business environment, but not all businesses can afford a tech. With our support, a full time IT Tech on staff is not necessary. We will organize and manage your technology needs according to your budget.

An onsite visit is the first step we take to help support your technology needs. Gathering a complete picture of the equipment, software and network setup that is in place. We notate all that is discovered and create a file that can be expanded on as needed. A copy of your file is supplied to you and placed onsite for future reference.

We offer Windows Server support, data backup setup and support, project management, network setup and management, new system design with installation, and remote login support.

How much do we charge for our services? We require a 1 hour minimum of $150 
at the start of each service request. Your issue will either be fixed during that 1 hour of labor or we will notify you with an exact charge for the needed repair. We always obtain your permission before labor charges go over the 1 hour minimum. The 1 hour minimum goes toward your total bill. In essence, you are getting a free diagnosis as we secure an hour of labor. This approach allows you to budget your repair and helps us provide a complete service. The cost of the repair will never be a surprise!

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